Picnic Ruins Shiny Encounter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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A player in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet accidentally sets up a picnic for their Pokemon in a hurry to save the game, and nearly misses their chance to catch the shiny Primeape. Shiny hunters looking for rare creatures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have found their work in the Paldea region to be particularly difficult in some ways, mainly due to subtle color differences that make shiny Pokemon hard to spot. You can buy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny at pkmbuy.com.

Unfortunately, for many players looking for a flash in the new Generation 9 games, the issue affecting them isn't just a vague bias in Pokemon colors. While Shiny hunters were able to enjoy a plethora of useful features in Pokémon Legends: Arceus earlier this year, including the ability to easily spot Shiny Pokémon thanks to their inherent flash effects and sounds, fans were disappointed to find These attributes are missing in the latest games. In a way, that's probably for the best. Some glitches with Scarlet and Violet were found to cause players and Pokemon to walk across the map, and recent footage proves that Shiny Pokemon can even spawn or get stuck outside of areas that players can't get into - and frantically looking to hear Shiny After the sound, the invisible shiny is sure to frustrate the player.

Users on Reddit shared a harrowing clip highlighting the moment when one of their own shiny hunting attempts was thwarted. After spotting a nearby shiny Primeape in the wild, players quickly jump into the menu to save - but unfortunately, muscle memory guides them to the picnic option from the menu. This causes player characters to quickly take out tables and chairs instead of saving their adventures, and Picnic Mode permanently wipes out all nearby wild Pokemon. The creators of the clip were also sure to include the fading scream sound effect when the shiny Pokemon and its pals instantly disappear from the world.

Several other recent videos shared by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans have shown other unfortunate moments, including a video of a Shiny capture failure, and a rather hilarious clip showing a Shiny Psyduck as the player gets caught in a fight with an NPC. stumbling into the horizon.

Sadly, the shiny state of the hunt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has turned out to be pretty scary thanks to the many bugs that plague the game. While fan complaints about these issues have been clear since the game was first released, Game Freak doesn't appear to have rolled out any patches to address these related issues. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ability Capsule here.

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