Infinite Hunger boss battle guide in Path of Exile: Siege of The Atlas

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In Path of Exile: Siege of The Atla, there are four ultimate bosses.

In Path of Exile: Siege of The Atla, there are four ultimate bosses. The first that players will fight is the Infinite Hunger, a fleshy tentacle that consumes everything. Infinite Hunger’s battles are mostly very simple, but players also need to buy POE Currency to improve their character abilities.

The fight starts just like any other boss fight. Infinite Hunger’s attacks are very readable and usually easy to dodge. But it didn’t take long before the silt on the edge of the arena approached. Players can hold on to the high ground for a while, but eventually they will be overcome and drowned in the silt. So most players will choose to spend POE Currency to get a lot of items that restore life.

During this time, a debuff will continue to stack, reducing the player’s armor and evasion for the rest of the battle. There’s a portal to return to the main arena hidden in the river, but this debuff stacks up to deadly levels if players wander aimlessly.

Players can walk through the silt, but it will seriously slow down your character. It is strongly recommended that players can spend POE Currency to get weapons to join the battle. Any mobility skills will help.

Next, the Infinite Hunger attack doesn’t become dangerous, and players can also skip the drowning phase directly by killing him before the drowning begins. High DPS builds can make this fight trivial. Players may wish to POE Currency Buy to enhance their character builds before facing this boss.

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