Genshin Impact 4.3 Guide: Free Seelie Pet & Riches Event Tips

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The Genshin Impact 4.3 update introduces the Lost Riches event, offering players the opportunity to join Ulman on a treasure hunt for valuable rewards, including primogems, mora, and a mini Seelie pet. To participate, players need an adventure rank of 20 or higher and must have unlocked an

In the upcoming Genshin Impact 4.3 update, players can look forward to the Lost Riches event, led by Ulman. This event will take players on a treasure-hunting journey, where they can uncover valuable rewards such as primogems, mora, and the sought-after mini Seelie pet. Ulman, the event NPC located in Fontaine, will provide players with a treasure book that contains daily treasure chest locations. With the help of a charming treasure-seeking Seelie, players will explore various areas in search of hidden treasure chests. This guide aims to provide players with all the necessary information to make the most of the Lost Riches event and maximize their gains.

The Lost Riches event is scheduled to take place until January 15, 2024, giving players a chance to collect exclusive rewards for a limited time. To participate in this event, players need an adventure rank of 20 or higher and must have unlocked any Statue of The Seven in Fontaine.

To get started, players can meet Ulman in Fontaine and obtain the treasure book from him, which contains the locations of marked treasure chests. By following the map and summoning the Seelie, players can navigate to the specified treasure areas. The Seelie will then assist in detecting energy emissions on the minimap, marking the locations of the treasures.1. Help the Seelie by guiding it to absorb energy from specific locations, which will uncover the hidden treasure chests in the area.

  1. For every three instances of energy absorption, the Seelie will reveal a new chest location, allowing you to continue your treasure hunt.

  2. Once a chest location is revealed, you will face various treasure hunting challenges, such as defeating enemies or collecting energy particles within a specified time limit.

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