What to think about Bot Farming in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark is a role-playing game where players explore maps and challenge the unknown. But players also need to spend a lot of time and effort to get the items and content they need. Lost Ark Bot Farming is the best tool to simplify this process and can do things like Overdrive, Auto Farming, Auto Phishing, Auto Character Creation, Auto Task, and Auto Mail. Free up more time for players.

Players can try out the Bot Farm hack, start the script and select the task, then they can free their hands and automate the task. After completing the mission, players will automatically get treasure chests and a large amount of Lost Ark Gold. Players have more time and energy to raid, challenge bosses, and find more exciting maps.

Speed ​​Attack and Speed ​​Run Features

Speed ​​Attack and Speed ​​run. Speed ​​Run can significantly increase your character's movement speed. It enables you to complete tasks faster. Now you kill enemies with speed attacks to clear dungeons quickly, greatly increasing dungeon clearing speed and DPS.

Auto Heal And Auto Farm

Auto Heal will keep you alive in all possible situations. At the same time, Auto Farm will bring you rich game resources. Using these tools, you can have 300-500 gold in three hours. Saves you a lot of energy.

The Lost Ark Bot Farm has been overused, causing the Lost Ark order to be destroyed. To solve this problem, the Lost Ark developers have made some optimizations to ban a large number of bots. Players have to do these tasks themselves, which also ensures the fairness of the game.

Here are some measures to resolve this issue:

    Permanently banned several million accounts participating in botting, hacking, or gold selling.
    Level-gated area chats to keep brand-new accounts from spamming gold-selling advertisements.
    Actively updated the game’s automatic chat moderation with lines and phrases that we know are commonly used by gold sellers.
    Changed the reward structures of quests and events to add a stronger deterrent against using bots for farming gold.
    Updated and improved Easy Anti Cheat detection capabilities to identify and act against bots better.
    Enabled a native detection system to help quickly identify bad actors and act against them.
    Improved reporting tools in-game to help our players report bots and support staff act more quickly on reports.
    Blocked IP from regions where we do not have publishing rights showing large amounts of bot activity.
    Blocked VPNs to stop bad actors from working around IP bans.

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