To purchase this doll you will need to pay a total of $499

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There is an extensive selection of dolls, each of which can be personalized in a number of different ways

There is an extensive selection of dolls, each of which can be personalized in a number of different ways. For instance, the doll's height, weight, skin color, facial features, and even the doll's hair, eye color, tattoos, and nail length can all be changed. Other aspects of the doll's appearance can also be modified. Additionally, the body of the cheap sex doll canada  can be heated, and the sound card can be modified in order to give the Canada sex dolls  the ability to speak in a simple language.

A Trustworthy Companion May Also Serve as a Sexual Doll

At this point, the computer gave off a beeping sound, which served as an indication that Mike had just sent an email with the subject line This Christmas, I will not be alone.

Mike is an introvert and a typical otaku; he is from the United States and he is a fan of Japanese culture. Mike was the very first customer I ever had.

  • Before these most recent few months, I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever regarding the industry

  • The factory exports eighty percent of the dolls it makes every year to various nations around the world

  • I frequently stay in the office until midnight in order to ensure that I can fulfill the customer's time requirements in a timely manner

  • I have received nothing at all, even after the free trial period of three months has come to an end

  • Is there anyone in the world who actually believes this

  • On the last day of the trial period, as I was sitting at the computer late at night by myself, I was in a very foul mood

  • The time was 11 o'clock

  • After that, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a message posted by a customer

  • It read, "Hello, I am located in the United States; do you deliver sex dolls

  • "At that very moment, tears were rolling down my face, but I was able to keep my composure and respond quickly by saying, "No problem, many of our customers are from the United States

  • " I was able to keep my emotions in check

  • I got a response within the same minute that said, "I'd like a European and an American doll," so I went ahead and got both





When I wanted to send him a link to make a purchase, I did not waste any time doing so, and he did the same thing when it came to making the payment. We are currently selling this cheap sex doll canada  for $499, and delivery is free of charge. If you are interested, please contact us. I have placed it at the very top of the list because I simply cannot believe it.

Since that time, Mike has made it a routine part of his day to check in with the shipping company to find out whether or not his sex Canada sex dolls  will be delivered that particular day.

I sent him a screenshot of the information that related to the logistics, and in response, he exhibited a tearful expression on his face. It had been two weeks since Mike had received the cheap sex doll canada  for the very first time. He mentioned that the bedroom had a sofa that was designed exclusively for the dolls to sit on. In the days leading up to Christmas, he went out and bought a second one.

Since then, Mike has emailed me nearly every day to talk about his doll, and I always look forward to his correspondence. He dressed the two dolls in a wide variety of fashionable and lovely garments, and whenever he made a change to the dolls' attire, he photographed the process and e-mailed the photographs to me as a record of the transformation.

Over the course of time, we were able to develop our familiarity with one another. Because Mike suffers from social anxiety, he tries to avoid situations in which he must interact with other people. However, he is eager to engage in conversation with others and keeps genuine friendships with people in the real world in addition to the virtual world, which is the only place he can truly relax. His very first purchase was of a pair of dolls.

It hit me all of a sudden that Christmas would be here in just two days, and I couldn't believe how quickly it was approaching. Simply click on the link to access Mike's e-mail. The two dolls that are shown here have both been dressed up for the holiday season in appropriate attire. Mike is chuckling to himself as he moves toward the middle of the group and takes a seat there. The previous picture that he sent contained nothing but a Canada sex dolls  as the only subject. This is the very first picture where it looks like he is looking at himself in the mirror.

An Actual Wife Who Doubles as a Sexual Plaything

A Japanese gentleman by the name of Takamura Gomura is yet another patron whose interaction with me sticks out in my memory. Around the time of the Chinese New Year, he made a purchase from us consisting of a doll and asked us to ship it as quickly as we could manage. Still was able to complete his work within the allotted time, despite the fact that I was required to stay late and help him process the order.

When Gangcun was younger, he had an extraordinary capacity for exerting himself physically and mentally. Soon after he and his wife tied the knot, they were informed that they would be responsible for directing operations in the United States branch of the company. Because he had so much on his plate, he wasn't even able to go home once a year when things got busy. He enjoyed a great deal of financial success during those years, but he also endured a great deal of failure. After his father had already passed away, he found out that his son had been born in Japan. Before that, he had no idea. Up until the time that he decided to retire and move back to Japan, he had a very full schedule. However, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately passed away, dashing his hopes of reuniting with his family and spending more time having fun with his wife. The same thing happened to his son that had happened to him: he was sent to work in another country, which made young sex dolls difficult to communicate with him.

When Gangcun looked at the large house and the garage that was filled with a number of luxury vehicles, he had the realization that he had struggled his entire life despite the fact that he was by himself the entire time. When he thought back to the way his wife had looked when he was a much younger man than he is now, he couldn't help but become overcome with emotion. Later on, he made the unexpected discovery while using Google that a  sex dolls Canada on our website resembles his wife in a strikingly similar way. It just so happens that he and his wife will be celebrating their wedding anniversary in a little under twenty days from now. It turned out that this was the reason he was getting so worked up about getting this doll.