Driving an electric car uphill in this way! Save electricity and protect the car!

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Usually we judge whether an battery electric moped is powerful, in addition to its endurance, there is also the power system of the battery electric moped. For example, whether the ride is fast or not, the strength of the climbing ability, etc. determine the power of this car.

Usually we judge whether an battery electric moped is powerful, in addition to its endurance, there is also the power system of the battery electric moped. For example, whether the ride is fast or not, the strength of the climbing ability, etc. determine the power of this car.


When it comes to the climbing ability of electric moped, do you have this experience? When riding an electric bicycle, you will encounter a situation where you obviously feel that the car is powerless when going uphill, but the button switch still goes very slowly. It has also been suggested that as long as the motor speed is higher, the climbing ability of the electric vehicle will be better. Is this true? In this issue, the electric power network will talk to you about the topic of electric vehicle climbing skills.


According to normal thinking, the faster the motor rotates, the more power the electric vehicle can climb, but this is not the case in actual road conditions.


In the event of a climb, the electric vehicle will release a "signal"


The acceleration handle on an electric vehicle is similar to a signal input, which corresponds to the duty cycle of the motor controller. The process of "release signal" can be seen as this process:


Handle input signal→controller→judging driver's intention→acceleration or deceleration→control duty ratio→control motor working current

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Should an battery electric moped accelerate or decelerate? This depends on the "steep curve". What method can make the battery electric moped climb the slope without difficulty and without damaging the car?


On a flat driving section, people are accustomed to using the medium and high-end, so that the speed is more powerful, and the climbing is different from the flat road conditions.


Long slope road, the slope is not large, it is recommended to use a low gear


When the electric vehicle is on a long slope, if the angle is not very steep, you can choose to drive at a low speed. Because the low-speed driving duty ratio and current are increased at this time, the vehicle driving torque is large and the output power is high. After the vehicle driving power is high, the output power can be stably output for a long time, and the ability of the electric vehicle to continue climbing can also be achieved. Moreover, the use of low-speed gear crawling at this time can more effectively protect the battery of the electric vehicle. Therefore, when encountering a long slope and the slope is not large, it is most reasonable to use a low-speed gear.


Some people may ask: is the lower the speed better when driving on a relatively long slope? Answer: NO!


From the perspective of protecting the battery of electric vehicles, when crawling on a relatively long slope, it is not the lower the speed, the better. Instead, it is recommended to increase the speed as much as possible. Of course, this is based on the premise of safety. Because the speed is too low, the output power will be greater, and the efficiency will become lower at the same time, and the power consumption of the electric vehicle will increase. If the torque cannot be reached at low speed, the electric vehicle may not be able to climb up.


On short-slope roads, with steep slopes, it is recommended to use medium and high gears


When riding on a steep slope, if the electric vehicle is driven at a low speed, it will basically get cold before reaching the middle of the slope. At this time, if you change to a high speed, it is possible to climb up.


Because when the slope is very large, the speed of the vehicle will increase, and the output power of the motor will be insufficient. At this time, the electric vehicle is actually decelerating. As long as the speed of the electric vehicle has not dropped to zero when it reaches the top of the slope, it can go up. Poe succeeded. This process is also good for battery life.


In fact, to sum up whether electric vehicles should use deceleration or high speed to climb a hill, just remember these rules:


Go up a long slope with a small gradient, use a low speed, and accelerate moderately after going up the slope; on a short slope, the slope is steep, and change to a high speed.


Don't ignore these skills easily, because when the battery electric moped climbs a hill, the correct use of the gear will play a role in protecting the car. As long as it is well mastered, it is very simple. We remind everyone that electric vehicles should increase their speed slowly when accelerating, and do not rush to the end. It is good for the electrodes and can also play a protective role for the vehicle.


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