Some of the Rarest Orbs/Currencies in Path of Exile

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There is no fixed form of currency in Path of Exile, and players massacre rocks in exchange for items. These rocks, called Orbs, are the primary way to determine an item's value. Among them, the most standard one is Chaos Stone, its rarity is the most balanced, and it can be regarded as a very valuable PoE Currency.

These POE Chaos Orbs themselves have intrinsic value and utility beyond being a currency. The main goal of the player is always to collect the best orbs. This is how you get rich in Path of Exile and hopefully become a god through purchases. It's all about these shiny rocks and how much they sell for.

Ancient Orb

Ancient Orbs are one of the oldest currencies in the game, introduced in the Harbinger League and used to reforge a unique item into another of its kind, which can be used for Fishing Flasks. Ancient Orbs are ancient shards that drop from Harbingers, so getting Ancient Orbs is very difficult.

Blessing Of Chayula

The Blessing Of Chayula is also a type of Orbs, introduced via the Breach of the Cutie Alliance, and can only be obtained from Chayula herself in her own realm, by collecting 100 Chayula Fragments and turning them into Breachstones.

While it's only worth about 10 Chaos Orbs in standard cases, people go crazy for it because it makes Breach items more powerful. Orbs like this are useful if you like crafting, and it's a much better way to get BIS gear than waiting for it to drop or trade.

Divine Orb

The Divine Orb is one of the oldest and pioneer orbs in Path of Exile, and although more precious orbs have emerged, it still holds value today. The Divine Orb sits comfortably within about 11 Chaos Orbs in Standard.

Divine Orbs can be very useful when you finally get the unique or rare item you want, but it can roll with some disappointing stats. You can use the Divine Orb to risk raising or lowering its stats before you throw it away.

Elevated Sextant

Echoes of Atlas is one of Path of Exile's latest expansions, which introduces specialists and, along with her, a new currency called Elevated Sextant. Only she can drop this orb, which is why it costs about 56 Chaos Orbs.

Elevated Sextant is a great item that buffs multiple maps in the atlas simply by applying it to a watchstone. Just make sure to use it wisely based on the map's availability, though.

Exalted Orbs

Exalted Orbs now come in many shapes and sizes, but they all cost about the same, with the exception of the Warlord, Hunter, and Redeemer variants. For simplicity, we're referring to the base version of the Exalted Orb, which costs around 120 Chaos Orbs.

Exalted Orbs are highly valued by most players. Think of it like the $100 bill or the Benjies of Path of Exile, while the Chaos Orbs are the 10s. Most players also don't spend them and only use them to buy way into Meta builds. If you swim with them, then you can use them to add new random stats to rare items.


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